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Chroma: Journal of the Australasian Computer Music Association

About the Journal

From 1989-2006, Chroma was the newsletter of the ACMA. The publication was relaunched in 2021 as a fully peer-reviewed journal to accompany the annual Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC).

Chroma is a fully open-access journal with articles provided under a Creative Commons Attribution License and Copyright retained by the authors. The journal is run by members of the computer music community who act as volunteers organising activities and publications of the Australasian Computer Music Association. There are no costs to authors in submitting or publishing in Chroma.

Authors of papers presented at the annual ACMC are encouraged to submit a fully realised version of their work to Chroma. We also welcome other submissions of articles concerning research and artistic progress in computer/electronic music.

An archive of all 37 issues of Chroma (the newsletter) from 1989-2006 can be found here, Chroma (the journal) starts from issue 38 published in 2022.

The ISSN of Chroma is:

  • Online: 2653-5939
  • Print: 1034-8271