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Editorial Team

Editorial Team:

  • Charles Martin (Australian National University)
  • Eve Klein (University of Queensland)
  • Andrew Brown (Griffith University)
  • Bridget Johnson (Massey University)
  • Benjamin Carey (University of Sydney)
  • Leah Barclay (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Robert Sazdov (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Lindsay Vickery (Edith Cowen University)
  • Ben Swift (Australian National University)
  • Warren Burt
  • David Hirst (University of Melbourne)
  • Benedict Carey (University of Sydney)
  • Roger Dean (Western Sydney University)
  • Ian Stevenson (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Fabio Morreale (University of Auckland)

The editorial team forĀ Chroma works together with the committee of the Australasian Computer Music Association to appoint an appropriate range of editors.