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Australian Computer Music Conference Articles

Vol. 39 No. 2 (2023): ElectroMUSE

The Rhizomatic Improvisation System

October 8, 2023


This paper discusses the Rhizomatic Improvisation System for various instruments and electronics. I have performed works in Melbourne and Prague under the pseudonym Delusion Guitari, playing guitar into this system which comprises of randomly timed delays and effects with the signal from each delay and effects being broadcast through a multi speaker system. The random delay times may be from one millisecond to 20 minutes, and the feedback for each delay is infinite. This results in an improvisation system in which every improvised action is perpetually re-played into the performance environment at an unpredictable time. For the improviser this creates a situation in which each action becomes part of each subsequent and preceding action, and as these actions concatenate and coincide a sonic environment is built. The idea behind the development of this system is to create an improvisational environment in which memory and intention are linked to prediction and responsibility.