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Volume 39, No. 2ElectroMUSE

Published October 8, 2023

Issue description

This issue of Chroma contains fully refereed papers that were presented at the Australasian Computer Music Conference and ElectroMUSE concert series in October 2023. The call for papers, written by conference chair Assoc Prof Donna Hewitt, was as follows:

This year’s ACMC theme is ElectroMUSE. The Muse of Ancient Greek mythology are nine goddesses who preside over the arts and science and were the source of inspirational fire for the artist. To muse on something is to absorb in thought and to deeply reflect. ACMC2023 will absorb participants in thinking deeply about music and its relationship to all things technological, digital, and electronic. We will take inspiration from the technological muse of our age and engage with an array of creative processes and musical outputs throughout the event.

Technology has long been an integral part of music making practice and now more than ever, is a source of inspiration and collaboration among musicians and artists working with sound.

Humans and machines continue to evolve, becoming ever more deeply entwined, with greater power than ever before, to impact our social and cultural fabric and alter the world. Technology offers great opportunity and promise but also brings challenges and many unknowns which can generate fear and distrust. As we navigate our rapidly changing technological world, we will muse upon, explore, imagine, investigate, reflect, make, collaborate, and draw inspiration from the emerging technologies that are fast becoming the Muse of the modern age, inspiring our music and music making practices.