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Australian Computer Music Conference Articles

Vol. 39 No. 2 (2023): ElectroMUSE

Building Musical Systems: An Approach Using Real-Time Music Information Retrieval Tools

October 8, 2023


This research presents a new approach to computer automation, termed Reflexive Automation, through the implementation of novel real-time music information retrieval algorithms developed for this project. It introduces the development of the PnP.Maxtools library, a plug and play set of filters, subjective timbral descriptors, audio effects, and other objects developed in Cycling ’74 Max that is designed as a framework for building musical systems for music using live electronics without the use of external controllers or hardware. The library is designed to take incoming audio from a microphone, analyze it, and use the analysis to control an audio effect on the incoming signal in real-time. This approach to automation and library together represents the first defined method for performance and composition practice using music information retrieval algorithms.